Sugarloaf Aerials (Rio left overs)

There’s really not much to say as the pictures speak for themselves but I will add that it was a very rainy day with cloud coming in and moving away at speed which lent a fabulous mood to the views.

Setting off to the first level.


About to head for the top



Glancing back thinking this is a little higher than I thought.


Copacabana beach in all its glory, the tiny black dot in the centre of the shot is the giant fan zone screen.


England’s training pitch, not in use as they were playing in Sao Paulo later that day…


About to head down


Before this storm soaked us


Breathtaking place.


2 thoughts on “Sugarloaf Aerials (Rio left overs)

  1. Amazing photos! What a great experience you must have had! I still think you’re having way too much fun without me!! : ) keep the photos and stories coming! I love you. xxx


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