Sugarloaf Rainforest (Rio left overs)

The biggest surprise about Sugarloaf mountain for me was the small rainforest tucked round the back of it. Wildlife, though I know not what. Bamboo, which surprised me, my ignorance showing there. Greenery and verdant growth wherever you looked. Interspersed with flowers blooming And beaten by the heavy rain A delightful surprise on top of … Continue reading Sugarloaf Rainforest (Rio left overs)

Poor Cow

We spent yesterday traveling to Fortaleza so here's a flashback to Rio. We managed a quick trip to the well known churrascaria restaurant Porc√£o (pronounced as per the title and pretty apt). A little large and impersonal but great quality. Their logo... at odds with my title I know... I'm no foodie or great reviewer … Continue reading Poor Cow