Day off

By which I mean we only watched two games of football but took them in while doing some tourista activities.

Morning saw us wandering from the Lapa area to the Santa Theresa neighbourhood via the Escaderia Selaron. A fantastic piece of artwork that was created and updated for 20 years by Jorge Selaron. It ultimately changed a run down area into a tourist attraction with people contributing tiles, from all over the world, to cover the 200 plus stairs in a kaleidoscope of patterns and colours.


At the top of the stairs is Santa Theresa, an artistic enclave tucked away and worth a look if you can find it. This is just one of the murals to be found along with small artisanal stores.


Another, more rustic and worn, mural that one member of our party was blissfully unaware of…


The views alone are worth the trek.


Plus the team stopped off to refuel while there.

The meal was meant to be light but the dishes kept on coming. Rice and beans in a flour sauce, excellent. Cassava, also good. However, the key component of the steak was disappointing as I could have reshod the tyres of Felipe Massa’s old Ferrari with it. Plans are being put in place to remedy the steak let down by checking out a churrasca restaurant in the near future though. I also still have no idea what the orange breadcrumb looking dish was… answers on a postcard please?

This is maybe half the food that was on the table!

The afternoon saw us speed, metro style (a tube train not gentlemen’s salon treatments) to the other end of town to try and catch the sunset off Ipanema beach. We missed it but it was still a pretty spectacular place. The beach was still buzzing at sundown with surfers, a variety of games and people just hanging out with little sign of them likely to head home soon. Relaxed, astonishing scenery and just a fun place to be.

Our day was drawing to a close so it was time to sign off, for now, with the first Caipiranha of the tour.


3 thoughts on “Day off

  1. Caipirinha Nick…..
    Forget about eating well in Rio…no chance, got to go to Sao Paulo and get some tips from local people or at the hotel.

    Very nice description of the places…go to Arraial do Cabo and climb the CocaCola mountain for a beautiful view :0)


    1. Thanks Neide, tips much appreciated. We were running around a lot in Rio so I’ll have to come back for the Coca Cola mountain


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