Recife Recap – part 1: view after the rain

A brighter day in Recife (Jun 27th), so a day to tour the locale especially with no football on.
We’re staying in a beach front skyscraper with an interesting view down to the foyer.


Our choice would have been a pousada in Olinda (see part 2) but nothing was available, though it’s not a bad view in reparation.


And it goes on for miles.


With plenty of space to spread out and not get in folks way, we spent some time wrenching arms, shoulders and backs throwing the nerf around.


Exercise done for the day perhaps a swim though local signage seemed to discourage it, or going in the water beyond waist deep. That’s our hotel behind the sign.


To be clear this is the sign up close.


Quite a history here apparently. Surfing’s been banned since 1995, due to 59 shark attacks since 1992, 24 of which were fatal. Paddling only then.

Decided to get a cold one to cool off so… Coconut milk all round. The packaging here is very eco-friendly.


Done with the beach (some red patches proving that) it was time to go cultural. Part 2 pending.



2 thoughts on “Recife Recap – part 1: view after the rain

  1. Yikes! Glad you stayed on the beach! That’s a lot of shark attacks. I remember as a kid drinking out of the coconuts on Miami Beach. A simplilar time before it became SoBe! Enjoy yourself and keep the pictures coming. Cheers!


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