Christmas Cracker

Merry Christmas (a day late but not a dollar short) to everybody out there, reading or not. Karmically it’s gotta be good to send positive vibes to the world whether it celebrates Christmas or something/nothing else.

Been a great couple of days here.

Spent Xmas eve in Wertheim, home of Hans (booby) the glass blower. A small quaint village offering a cold and brisk morning stroll and the last shopping opportunity for the week.
Hans had done a glass blowing demonstration on the ship the night before. He’d captivated folks with his showmanship, skill and sense of humour. He got the kids to blow themselves ornaments as keepsakes and in between showed a range of things including blowing a glass bubble thinner than paper before exploding it all over himself but coming out unscathed as the glass is like tissue paper.
We ended up not buying anything at Hans even though we liked a lot. A sign of how under the weather we were both feeling.

Later we went on to Miltenberg but spent the afternoon relaxing on the boat as we built up to the big Christmas Eve dinner.

In Germany Christmas Eve is more important than the day. So dinner was all the fixings of the season before the crew provided a mini carol concert and then Santa Klaus paid a visit with gifts for everone. After that we danced till late having become firm friends with the pianist who after a long 10 month season wanted to play something more than the standards, seasonal or otherwise. M had him playing Steely Dan, which he loved, and he then spent a while extolling his love of jazz. All in all a fun and fascinating night.

We woke up Christmas morn with the chilly weather around but no snow. We’d done our Christmas at home but the ship gave us little chocolate gifts in our shoes, which we’d been asked to leave outside our rooms the night before. A lovely touch to start the day.

The day was given over to wandering through Mainz and Rudesheim. Both enjoyable and different with the highlights being the museum of mechanised music machines (!) and the smallest street in europe.

All in all a very full couple of days.

Till next I write, TIOT

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