The litany continues

So after baggage delay (loss?), cold, diarrhoea and popped rib ligament (see it is perhaps no surprise to find that the recent snows have caused the river to rise to such a level that we can not get under the bridge at Koblenz. Not a big deal though we now have to figure out how to get to Trier to catch our train. But this is what travel is about, getting lost and finding the pearl in the place you should never have been. We’re getting lost a lot this trip, metaphorically speaking.

Arriving in Koblenz the river’s mooring spots are all full and double banked as all the cruise ships and cargo barges are in the same boat (with the bridge issue). So the skipper draws a crowd on and off the boat as he has to manouvre all 300 foot to within 30 feet of the stone bridge while dealing with a 10 knot current. He managed it with aplomb though perhaps taking a bit more care and time than usual. He then supervised strapping the ship to the pilings to stop us floating off during the night. Now the boat is creaking and groaning against the cables and timber fenders. Makes me feel all nautical and Jack Sparrow like.

So until the next time Ahoy me hearties I’m off to splice the mainbrace.

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