So another cool part of the trip is the people we have met.

The boat is pretty small, max 148 people, with about 90 passengers onboard this trip. The group cover a fair cross section of ages (5 through 70+) and nationalities (US, Australian, Japanese, Venezualan, Mexican, etc) which makes for an interesting experience in and of itself.

Over and above the passengers are the crew who are an amazing group of people with great stories and spirits. One of the team is an ex water polo player while another is 23 year old Latvian who has been on ships round the world except for Asia, which he wants to see next. A large number, if not all, seem to be from the old eastern bloc countries – Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia and beyond. They all work long hours but seem to enjoy life because they are making there way in the world, and something for themselves, but also (hopefully) because the parent company is well managed. As one of the guys said, “I could be better paid on another boat but it is less stressful here which is better for me and you”. Very wise on so many levels.

In terms of the passengers, we’ve spent time learning about:
– A lady born and brought up 2 miles from where I was born. Her husband flew Winston Churchill in the war and worked for British Airways for 20+ years.
– A May/September retired couple who met and married late and now live three doors down from Bo Derek while running their own small vineyard.
– A Canadian couple where the chap used to work at Amex in the same building as us.
– The president and vice president of the cruise line of which the VP is a woman who used to work for Amex too.
– A retired gay couple from New Mexico who are going to Paris for their anniversary which is the same day as ours.

Everyone has a story if you want to sit and listen. It’s a great way to spend time and brings a whole new level to people watching.

Till the next time, may your grapes and wine mature and flavour as you desire.

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