A passage through Paris

A long day having spent 20 hours traveling between Miami and Nuremberg. We were late leaving Miami and delayed in Paris (due to snow) for our connecting flight. Nothing to do but enjoy the experience as much as possible…people watching and figuring out the change of language always being an enjoyable start to the trip.

Arriving in Nuremberg and landed at -15 C or 5 degree F (official classification ‘pretty nippy’). Snow all around and picture postcard trees glimpsed through the gloom. A bus to the terminal and efficient German baggage handling had us moving in moments. Unfortunately ‘sans baggage’ as inefficient Air France had not put our luggage on the plane (despite 4 hours in Paris to do the job). And although I believe in traveling light, this is taking things a little further than even optimistic me would do.

So off into the night we fled, overnight package in hand…a nifty pint sized pack with toothbrush, tooth paste, t-shirt stuff…to find our Hotel in darkest Nuremberg, essentially an upmarket and quaint B&B called the Hotel Vosteen. Beautifully appointed with one of the best self service coffee machines I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Now, in situ but with nothing to unpack we went hunting (not Miguel style) for a bite to eat. Parameters, nearby and frequented by locals so we can experience some flavour. Maria at the front desk recommended L’Osteria, a crazy busy italian joint with barely space to swing a cat and all the more festive for it. They jammed us in and we enjoyed all they had to offer with a rough red, bread, cheese and pasta to follow…not German but hit the spot n terms of warmth and comfort. Tomorrow we’ll track down some wurst and some more locally derived fixings.

Post meal we fair sprinted back to the hotel as we were past ‘nippy’ and in to ‘a bit bloody parky’ territory. With a little luck tomorrow will bring some exploring, luggage permitting. My ‘Miami travel outfit’ is not really cutting it in the Bavarian winter! However, its just great to be here experiencing it…so tomorrow the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt (http://www.christkindlesmarkt.de/english/).

Till the next time, Auf Wiedersehen.

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