Loneliness of long distance luggage

So a call this morning identied that our bags are not delayed but their whereabouts are unknown. Good news if you love a mystery but less so if you need some warm clothing and are getting on a week long boat cruise tomorrow.

We ventured out in the 5 degree weather in search of adventure and a sweater. Managed a 50% success there as Nuremberg is a cracking little town with a great Christmas market. We sped round as much as we could whilst holding the cold at bay with newly purchased hat, scarf and socks. Plus pausing regularly for kaffee unt gluhwein to fortify ourselves. As it is Sunday there are no real shops open so no sweaters to be found. I did however get some classic looks in the cafe where I was the only person wearing a short sleeve shirt!

Having had our fill, for now, of Nuremberg’s offerings we headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately news on the bags is still that they are missing in action, holidaying by themselves somewhere warm and sunny I suspect. More news as it happens.

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One thought on “Loneliness of long distance luggage

  1. Hm. I'm starting to suspect that I know where your bags have gone off to, as my mom turned up from the airport this morning with a fantastic gift of used trousers, socks, and underwear. I thought it was a bit weird…now that I'm putting 2 and 2 together though. Seriously, I hope your bags turn up!!


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