Back with a Whimper

So for what it’s worth it appears I have been remiss in my blogging or at least with the frequency of my blogging!

Let’s try this again.

So we’re traveling today. Through Paris and onto Nuremberg to see the Christmas market. It’s meant to be one of the biggest and best, seems like a good seasonal thing to do.

This morning has meant checking flights – due to snow delays in Paris – and final efforts making sure we’re sorted out with everything we need.

Plus it is slashing down with rain here, snow in England and Paris…rum weather for sure. All adds to the spice of the travel. Nuremberg was 18 degrees when I last checked…packed one sweater and I’m thinking perhaps that won’t be enough!

Ah well, I hear they take cash over there so if it ain’t packed it can always be bought!

Alright, signing off till later…Auf Wiedersehen pets.

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