Back …

Back to blogging, back from a trip to see family and back to work.

My blogging has been thin on the ground as I have found time difficult to find between work and home as both have been complicated of late. I don’t see either of those changing so I will be doing the best I can here which comes down to being a bit better organised.

I am also just back from a week in the UK which was fun but extremely hectic and tiring. I spent the week chasing down family members and hanging out with them plus visiting a couple of friends. It was great to see folks and catch up on news and views but there was a degree of family politics plus dealing with the issues that have arisen around my Mum’s health issues.

And now I am back to work which is like putting on an itchy and uncomfortable coat.

Finding a path through the various issues that life presents is something I struggle with every day. I am sure I am not the only one and I envy those who seem to make it look easy and keep a positive demeanor.

Envy is a strong word but likely apt as I wonder and wish I could manage it and make life a little more effortless or at the very least seem so.

Enough self flagellation for today though…just nice to be back in the blogging groove.


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