I feel exhausted at the moment, beaten down by the nature of my current day to day existence. No way to feel or live especially as I am not sure how to get out of the unhealthy and unproductive rhythm. There is a simple answer to this, if I quit everything, but this does not fit with my paying the bills! So I need a change but work will not differ in the near future as won’t the turmoil that is currently my home life.

So my challenge is how to recharge on the fly: a vacation, a new goal, something new to learn, exercise, all of the aforementioned, etc. And to do this while working towards a more ultimate goal of a calmer and more enjoyable life pattern.

Maybe I can I combine the vacation, new goal and learning thing…but perhaps I am overstretching and over complicating things. A common factor here, trying to cram a quart into a pint pot.

The key has to be to start simple and then build things out. So where to start, suggestions welcome.


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