Involuntary week off and "control"

So soon I ask. Yes. All I can say is that there were mitigating circumstances but that can be construed as an excuse (by reader and writer alike). So I’ll just move on as I am here now, and as the sole reader/writer, the only one I have impacted to date is me. I hope that may change in the future! 

So last week was a little bout of madness in terms of the variety of things going on which I don’t expect to change soon so I am planning to learn to work round it plus manage my time better. 

And of course, last week I had all these weird and wonderful things spinning through my mind that I should have jotted down as now there is nothing there. Its all been reabsorbed. 
To see if I can spark some life into me and the idea stream I’ll fill in the blanks. 
Since I was last here…
My Mum has been moved to an assisted living facility from hospital. My siblings are pulling in different directions in terms of the right thing to do for her while not consulting her or including me. 
I tried to get a flight sorted out to be there at the critical time but failed so I am now going in 10 days or so. 
I am arguing with my wife constantly about the items above and an array of other things. 
My car went on the fritz with smoke emanating from the front wheel arches – never a good sign I am told. 
All somewhat mundane but monumental with the way the timing and “conversations” worked out so I found it all kept me very occupied one way or another. 
The learning/relearning for me has to be I have little or no control and need to surrender to the inevitable when I recognise it. Easy to say but not necessarily to do. All I can say is that sometimes giving yourself to the beast is the only way to survive. You hope that instead of it snapping you in two you’ll get a little light mauling or even have mercy shown and just be carried to another part of life’s rich tapestry
The key may be the recognising it. Plus (topic for another day), how do you stop people changing that perspective by constant questions, asking for direction, questioning the choices you make, etc…how is that balanced within it all?
The bottomline for today may be to just remember, when family is involved, you have no control! 

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