Good Friday and a fast week

First of all Happy Easter, on this Good Friday, for those of you who mark such occasions. I even looked up why it is listed as a Good Friday” considering that I doubt Jesus would really have marked it that way in his diary. For those interested, here it is (Lily’s answer being the most detailed/succinct that I have found). 

It’s been a long week…I think that is an oxymoron but I am sure you know what I mean. I have not been here as much as I would like or barely at all but my heart was here even if I was physically not. 
My week has been spent ramping up my current project which is mid way between forming and storming meaning that all sorts of crazy has broken loose.  On top of that my boss is on holiday so I am standing in for her. What an opportunity I hear you cry. Yes, just the type I love (I respond dully). All BS and no real productivity – the position is neither a doer or a shaker and so you end up being nothing to all people…a case of keeping none of the people happy all of the time. I really thought my own role’s meetings and tasks were getting less and less productive but if you move another level up you can become a real leader. Make of that what you will but apparently the minimal desire I had to climb the greasy pole, improve myself and show I could do the job, has gone because there is no job to do! 
Enough of that though. 
In other news, I did manage to get my taxes finalised this week though my bank balance did not thank me for that as apparently I owed a fistful of dollars. So here I sit a mild feeling of relief and a not so mild feeling of lightness in the pocket. 
I think the worst part of the week passing so quickly is, yet again, the amount of things I keep seeing that I’d like to get to, whether a book or article to read or a new website to explore let alone real activities
And having just started to really explore blogging I find that there are so many blogs out there on so many things. You could read all day on a variety of stuff and be fascinated by it all…though I have yet to find someone who will pay me to do that (any offers gratefully received). 
On a more physcial note (whoa there people) I did manage to play racquetball this week which was a revelation on many levels. After months of inactivity a leviathan effort brought three of us together to galumph round the court of which the foundations are no doubt still shaking! And though sore the next day, I was not immobile which in itself is quite astonishing. There is hope for me yet, though a long row to hoe before I could look myself in the eye and say I am remotely healthy or fit. More on that another day. 
OK, signing off for now as I need to get back to forming and storming for a while. Have a great weekend. 

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