Tax Season and Beigeness

I am sure there are better people than me to comment on the complexity of the tax code but I would like to add that even with Turbotax’s help it is a long arduous process to go through all the Qs & As associated with the various papers plus then make it work cleanly with no errors and the research that involves. So it is such a good feeling when you make it through and everything seems to be finished. I say seems as it is never that simple and if you keep looking something can always be changed or tuned. So finishing, as much as you can, is a moment to celebrate and savour…before the reality of any necessary payment slaps you upside the reality.   

Navigating the tax code, even with the aid of heavy duty software, feels like a small win in a world where daily successes are pretty small. 
I am not sure what that says, either about me or my world, that daily wins are pretty few and far between. That is something I’d like to change too. Life always feels a little better for an achievement or two even if they are small. Gives you a little pride in yourself and that feeling is few and far between in my line of work. Talking of which I should clarify. I am a cube dweller lurking close to my computer and my phone, listening/participating in endless meetings that decide little and suck the life out of you. Perhaps too cynical but that’s what living in a cube does to you…see Dilbert for reference. Dilbert’s popularity tells you how ridiculous cube life is and how close to the mark too.  
Moving back to reflecting on small achievements with some glee it pops in to my head that I am beige as Billy Connolly would say – average in life by pretty much every measure. Nothing wrong with that but sometimes doesn’t everyone crave a little colour. So I am feeling like one of the beige people but wishing for a change. I am worried I may not be able to, I may be too beige for self, or any other type of, rescue or maybe it’s nature not nurture and I am inherently beige. Another element for further discovery I suppose. For now I will aim for beigeness with intermissions of vibrant colour…whatever that may mean! 
Not sure how I got to that conclusion but it will suffice for now as time is short and tasks are long. To all a good night as tomorrow will be another day whether I be here or not. 

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