More about me and focus?

Continuing a theme, I have got to an age where I have realised there is much to do and perhaps not a lot of time to do it. I do not mean this in a day to day context but in a “Holey smokes what have I done with the last 20 years of my life when there is so much of the world to see, explore, experience…” etc. 
So here am I thinking strange thoughts at all hours of the day: 
– I want to learn to play the piano (having never tried anything musical)
– I want to lose 50 pounds
– I want to do more exercise and play more sport
– I want to take more advantage of the area in which I live and the weather it presents
– I want to travel more and explore new places plus revisit places I have seen and loved
– I want to read more (I buy a lot of books but they tend to sit on the shelf for a long time before I get to them)
– I want to learn more about photography having got the bug a couple of years ago
– I…
You get the picture, as that is off the top of my head. I feel like I am stood looking at this ever widening circle of choices and making no progress on any of them. I am indecisive in the sense there is too much choice. And logically I know I need to just choose something and run with it till I decide to change and/or I need to schedule my time better…and this is a slightly different flavour of yesterdays topic. 
So focus, focus, focus has to be the mantra if I am truly to make and progress, progress, progress against any of these desires. 
Any suggestions that can help me, tools, help aids, etc. are welcome as I want to try as much as possible in life with the time I have available – however long that may be… 

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