Too little time or bad time management!

So yes I meant to be back in here before now but things come up and suddenly I realise that is a couple of days since I was here which is not what I plan to do at all. 

This blogging exercise is to encourage me to write, to write often and to put down whatever thoughts I may have with minimal self editing. I have a tendency to over think things which has forestalled my trying anything like this previously. Therefore, to stop this I am meant to be diving in and creating some good habits of checking here daily. This will either prompt me to write, to note some ideas or at the very least show me I have nothing to say for the day.
So now I find myself a couple of days down the road and wondering am I too busy or just a bad time manager or even don’t want to do it enough. I suspect the real answer is a little of all of those which means I have several adjustments to make if I really want to change. 
My wife thinks I have ADD or ADHD or basically an inability to focus on one thing and get it done without my mind and body straying to the next thing in my mental hopper. An example of my mind straying is the detour it just took around the phrase “mental hopper” and it conjuring up strange images of me. The additional note to that is that my brain likes to play with words and alternate meanings whether mishearing or reading them. Endless amusement though not everyone appreciates it. And as you can see these detours swiftly lead you off topic! 
I do have a lot going on between work and home but that is not a good excuse if I really want to change and learn. Especially when you look at how many hours are in a day and what you end up doing with them.  For anyone interested, do that exercise and if you are like me you realise you end up wasting a lot of time, some of it necessary with the travelling too/from work and eating and sleeping but other time that just gets lost in the shuffle unless you really focus on what you want to get done. 
So if all three issues are to be addressed I need to make time daily to pop in here and think/write plus use my time better across the spectrum of what I do and if all that doesn’t happen maybe that tells me my desire is not there. This is something of a scary thought, that by inaction and procrastination I will end up nowhere except where I am now. 
And that my friend (talking to myself here as I doubt anyone is reading this stream of strange consciousness) is a piece for another day – procrastination (which I am indulging in now from a work perspective) and day to day happiness. 

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