Early Warning

Hi to anyone who stumbles across this/me.

First of all a brief warning. I am new to blogging and blogging is new to me so there will be many things to learn and some slips along the way. Bear with me as in this manner this is only a test.

This is a journey for me (and possibly anyone who cares to read whatever I put out). There will be a degree of self discovery and a lot of exploring around the blogging/social networking community.

With that in mind, I am not sure the blog has an explicit focus yet as I do not have a clear focus in day to day life. I’ll cover whatever I feel like writing about as I feel the desire. This may make the blog a little incoherent which will be part of the experiment but it will also hopefully begin to show some threads that run through the thoughts/discussion and some will start to knit together while some form clear and different patterns that bear separation.

Only time, and persisting with writing it all down, will tell.

Also note that grammar may from time to time be a problem. I was never formally taught grammar so will be learning along the way. If there are any grammar sticklers reading, tips are welcome but this is something of a brain dump for the ideas and thoughts and grammar improvement will only be a side item.

This also assumes I have ideas and thoughts that I can dump into the ether. Another part of the raft of questions this blog is posing to me. Do I have anything worth saying? I believe I do, even if it is only to myself and for my benefit to read later. Hopefully, it will run a bit deeper than that, not necessarily for anyone else but at least for me.

So the blog is likely to end up part diary, part therapy, occasionally topical with a little bit of sports thrown in for good measure. To see where writing my thoughts down leads as much as anything else. A lot of things occur to me on and off, nothing too wild but it gets lost in the stream of consciousness that each day becomes so I wanted to capture some of this stuff before I lose it or the the will to live let alone anything salient that I actually thought.

So, that’s the early warning – I don’t know what this is, or what you’re gonna get but at least I finally started something…


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