Greek Bailout and Grace Jones (Greece vs Ivory Coast – Game 4)

Our lowest key game in terms of football expectations, perhaps unfairly, but there's anyways something to be seen at the world cup. But first lunch. A local restaurant just across from the ground, friendly and well at up for local events judging by the great menu, though I did skip the hot drinks. The order … Continue reading Greek Bailout and Grace Jones (Greece vs Ivory Coast – Game 4)

Goal Line Technology

Who needs the fancy dan goal line tech when a compact camera from 70 yards away at the wrong angle clearly does the business? He shoots, he scores (him and me). Greece's, at the death, winning penalty against Ivory Coast (Tuesday, June 24th).

Poor Cow

We spent yesterday traveling to Fortaleza so here's a flashback to Rio. We managed a quick trip to the well known churrascaria restaurant Porc√£o (pronounced as per the title and pretty apt). A little large and impersonal but great quality. Their logo... at odds with my title I know... I'm no foodie or great reviewer … Continue reading Poor Cow