The Black Stars (Germany v Ghana – game 3)

Ghana’s nickname is the black stars, as you can see on the side of their team bus here.


On going out for a morning constitutional yesterday we noticed the Ghanaian team bus just a few streets over from our hotel. Not five minutes later the team walked past on there morning walk too.


They were very much in match preparation mode so didn’t engage with the crowd they drew but it was fascinating to be so close to the team with them playing in a few hours.

Next came our journey to the ground…


… On the bus, but we saw a range of options being used!

Fans continue to get into the spirit though I do fear these German fans may have strayed into dubious territory. It’s a bit black and white minstrel show.


Enjoyed an hour or so outside the ground reselling excess tickets before racing in at the last minute. Great looking ground outside and in.


Primo seats this time too. Lower down and in line with the six yard box.


Some great goalmouth action.


Saw a couple of great goals and the related celebrations.


Another great day out.



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