Murals / Art 2 (Brazil flashback)

Although we’re back home there’s some items I’ll continue to post amongst the other flotsam and jetsam that strikes me as worth writing about.

So another homage to Grace Jones but as it was near the small fishing port in Rio Vermelho, Salvador she has been transported to the mermaid world.P1080882

They’ve also found Bigfoot but he’s very low key in Brazil. P1080429

No idea! But loved the colours.                       P1080427

 Don’t think this is meant to be Bob Marley but it’s got something of his look and he does seem to be quite big there judging by how much of him we heard. Think it is really meant to be more reflective of the local culture but there was no explanatory text. So as art is meant to be your own interpretation I’m going with Bob.P1080422

Great use of garden bush overhanging a wall…what else can you say!P1080421

This is just a little strange..another one I have no clue on – circus performer, city worker with monkeys on his back…suggestions on a post card.   P1070988

Characters, local, political, other – who knows…P1070987

…similar but different.                                                         P1080705

Startlingly obvious but classic wall art in the backyard of a restaurant.P1080079


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