Tour Team Mates

So I got home midday Monday after 27 hours of planes, queues and cars. An epic trip in the context of all my previous travels in terms of: the places visited, the people who hosted us and the global event attended. However, another huge factor was my travel companions.
A year or so ago some friends asked if I’d like to go see the world cup in Brazil. I could never have imagined how enjoyable the experience would be.
So here’s a huge thank you to the guys for asking me along to relive some of the fun they had four years ago in South Africa while also building some great new memories.


Dave, tour leader, photographer, indefatigable in his pursuit of places, ticket sales, music, dance, beer, a good haggle, a hideous pun or a photo-bombing opportunity (deliberate or accidental).

John, the big guy, big hearted, big appetite (mention a Magnum and he’s there), fear of launderettes where they sort your clothes in front of you and lover of AC/DC and West Ham. Yes, that’s his beer!

And Dickie, our voice of reason – until he loses it (ask him about USA v Ghana or Holland v Costa Rica), wine guy, one of the few people paler than me, legendary ability to sleep anywhere and bus enthusiast (London to Moscow tickets being sought already).

A great group with which to: watch football, spend 14 hours on a bus, hurl a nerf, plank (not rhyming slang) on the beach, drink, eat and be merry.

So Euro 2016 and Russia 2018 have already been mooted. Ice creams around the world, you have been warned.


PS Dave wore the same shirt the whole time

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