Its now Feb 1st….

…and it feels like the new year is actually starting.

The blue aspects of January haven’t been replaced but have at least receded a little and with that comes the desire to find something that makes life a little more vibrant, tolerable and focussed.

This may seem a glum summation of the year to date but its more meant to reflect the move from the heights of Christmas/New Year hedonism back to the day to day hamster wheel of existence that life can become. January is the restart of the annual process of goals, resolutions, realisations and reflection. And with it, the occasionally overwhelming feeling of being here before with not enough changing.

So this year needs to be different (as I say every year) but how to make it different. Everyone says to write things down whether blogging, goals, a diary or a journal. And to make goals public so you can be held accountable. None of these things are within my comfort zone and all the more reasons to do it I hear you say…so that’s the plan…publish and be held accountable.

So now to come up with my goals.

Next post…Goals

TIOT out for now

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