What, what, what do I want to accomplish? Or perhaps that could be better expressed as how do I want to change my life, myself, my future?

If this is resolutions by any other name then its not going to work. With that in mind I’m going to pare it down to one goal to target. Once there I’ll choose another, etc.

No idea if it will work but previous years multiple areas of (non) focus haven’t either.

So my immediate goal is … lose 20 pounds (1 stone 6 pounds). Starting from 246 (17 stone, 8 pounds).

The trick is also to do it and manage enough of a lifestyle change with it that means I can keep it off.

The choice of goal is also a platform. It will make me feel healthier, move me towards coming off medication and likely make me more confident. Plus provide me with access to a whole new (old) wardrobe!

So till the next time…hopefully lighter… TIOT

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