I’ll note this here to capture it in my mind and memory. This years Tour De France has more interest, intrigue and subplots than the last three put together.

And love him or hate him it stems from Lance Armstrong bringing an audience to the party. Some want to see him win and some want to see him lose. In that sense he has a Howard Stern quality, people watch in awe and people watch in ‘aw’.

I loved the Tour from a long time ago. Fignon, Roche, Lemond, Big Mig (et al) being my introduction. All greats and great to watch. But Lance is another level again, not to decry the abilities and skills of the other riders who are super athletes in themselves but Armstrong brings an intensity, a belief and an ability to get the best out of everyone around him.

Even if he is just here enjoying himself, his desire is still truly astonishing to watch. To understand that he is competing at this level after 4 years off and when most sports folks are retiring/retired. Almost makes me believe I can get on a bike and ride…round the block anyway.

As I say, love him or hate him, he makes a great event greater for what he brings to the table…every day, every hour, every minute.

Thanks Lance, for your competitive fire, your take no prisoners attitude and in the real world for LIVESTRONG.


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