Really CBS, Really?

Three days on I am still wondering why CBS found it necessary to refer to Michael Jackson’s youngest son via his nickname ‘Blanket’ during a retrospective of the memorial service. It may be how he is known in the family but it was not relevant to the moment. It moved an emotional retrospective (for anyone engaged with the moment) from nearly reverent to clearly risible.

I say this because mentioning the name once could have been a throwaway factual reference but CBS used the name several times which made the coverage laughable and no longer news, if it ever was news. It became funny (sorry MJ & fans) because it was so unnecessary and seemed like an in joke. CBS could have been far more respectful in tone if they used his given name Prince Michael the 2nd or something more solemn, but surely not Blanket at that time, in that moment. Hardly a fitting tone for that time.

This perhaps highlights just how far network news seems to have slipped.

The worst part of writing that is knowing I got sucked in to watching, unable to turn away – rubber necking at it’s worst.

Anyway, this is obviously just my opinion and I could be wrong (with apologies to Dennis Miller).


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