In the first of a potential series…"I didn’t realise"

I didn’t realise (UK spelling to satisfy my need to disobey the American spell check on my machine) how dull my life really was in terms of finding something to blog or write about.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew my life was dull or, perhaps routine is a better word for it, but is it this dull or am I just not seeing the trees for the wood?

This thought occurred to me because two months ago I got the urge to explore the social networking (SN) environment. Unsure of where / how to start I decided to jump in on twitter (yes, bandwagon I know) as a quick and simple way to feel my way into the SN medium. And it is fascinating to see what people say and how they use the service but at the same time it tends to make me feel a little lacking as my life is routine and rarely prompts me to say something a little interesting.

And there in lies the rub as I don’t think my life is interesting enough to warrant posting my various daily tasks “got to work, sat in cube, answered phone, missed lunch, sat in cube some more, on conference call for hoooooooooours, etc” and my daily life doesn’t often provide me enough manna to feed my imagination that prompts interesting tweets. Or if I manage to feed my mind at work by reading, viewing, experiencing multi-media, etc. then my cube is not being used as it was designed and my boss gets a little testy that I am not delivering on my tasks.

So this is my conundrum or perhaps best stated by Churchill “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”. to service my soulful desire to post words to the world that are not mundane or forced while maintaining my current life (as it pays the bills).

At the moment my answer is to persist and post as I feel the words or moment fits. This means there are wordless stretches of barren mental wasteland interspersed by occasional bursts of wordy firestorms as endorphins kick me into action.


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