Weekend May 16 & 17

Just had an very enjoyable weekend although it may be fairer to say that events started Thursday night even though work on Friday was a bear in the middle of it all.

Thursday we went to see Don Henley in concert. He was was good, playing a lot of Eagles stuff in a good tight fashion although the concert was reasonably short at 90 minutes. But better going for quality than quantity having seen Fleetwood Mac a month ago and where the sound from the system, or venue, was so muffled I felt like I was listening from inside a garbage can (rubbish bin).

Friday we went to dinner with an acquaintance from England who we had not seen in 12 years and another couple who are mutual friends. A lot of stories shared and ribald stories told. I laughed so hard at one point I was crying and I am not one for laughing heartily let alone like that. Needless to say it is not a story I can relate here, partly because it will not translate and partly because it related to the moment. I think the odd thing to note is that dinner/drinks with a group of Americans is vastly different to that with Brits. There may be a thesis there as I am unable to readily explain it.

Saturday was chores (weed killing, car washing, cleaning our sprinkler filter, etc. wild stuff I know) with sorting things around the house before going to the cinema to see Wolverine which was very enjoyable. I am not a hard core comic buff having not read one for years so had little issue with the story though I believe that is not the case for some folks. I go to the cinema to be entertained having long ago accepted that films can rarely do justice to original source material.

Talking of which Sunday was breakfast with the kids and then the movies again to see Angels and Demons. This fits the same bill as above, entertaining and a good enough translation of the book for me. It’s hard not to like Tom Hanks having seen him interviewed a couple of times this last week. Probably part of his success (really, you think so!).

A litany of events and things done but it led to positive and upbeat feeling through the weekend which has been hard to come by lately. So not to look a gift horse in the mouth I thought I would acknowledge the buzz and document it here.


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