Hi, I’m Nick.

I’ve spent the last 25 years working in an office and not having too many thoughts of my own, or so it feels. So this site is a forum for whatever thoughts I have and which will skim the surfaces of all things that interest and intrigue me. This may mean things are all over the place but there will be a few core things that keep popping up.

Travel for one. Though I look at the map and realise how little of this blue marble I’ve really seen. I’m hoping I still have time and life in me to correct that.

Photography. I’m not very artistic, can’t draw, paint, play music but something about photography draws me. With the advent, and ongoing development, of digital cameras it’s hard not to want to try it out and I’ve occasionally taken a half decent photo. PS The photo of me below is taken by my wife and it’s one of the few postable pictures of me.

Sports. I, much to my chagrin, have very much become an armchair watcher but it’s still a very real drama that can make the hairs on your neck standup if you’ve ever been there in the moment.

Music. I’ve got a broad taste and am always trying to make sure I don’t get too stuck in my own past though it’s the nature of life to be somewhat indoctrinated by your formative musical tastes.

Technology. The pace of change and what we can do continues to astound and wow me. I’ve been a long time computer owner and user of the net…since about 1995 when dial up and baud rate was all the rage! Times and tech have moved on and I’ve tried to keep apace in the main though unless you make it a full time job it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s out there so I tend to dip in and out of what I need when I need it.

Enough wittering for now, if you want to know something please ask…I won’t guarantee an answer but you don’t get if you don’t ask.


Nick White

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