Post Op – Notes from the Far Side


A quick bulletin for folks wanting a hospital update from yesterday as it seems cruel to leave anyone hanging who is not in the immediate communication circle.

A difficult day for the patient (not sure there are many easy ones but this one looked particularly arduous), reduction of pain killers, pushed to get up and get moving and lack of appetite for food or company. Very much an expected day of recuperation and regrouping. Immediate focus changed from chemo and the operation incision, with it’s unknown consequences, narrowing to inching away from the pain and fog of medication.

The Doc says he took the tumour and a few other ‘nasty’ pieces to try and ensure they got all the cancer – only time will tell. The next key step will be when we sit with the specialist and he can tell us the status of the pathology (the nature of what they took out) and the cancer counts. This will be the end of next week and until then it’s one minute at a time, one step at a time, one day at a a time and live/endure the moment. That meeting will determine whether there is more chemo and where we are in the woods.

Harry’s a hard nut, she even (currently) has the skin head and the Doc Martens (stylin’ of course) to prove it and has played rugby with broken fingers, lost weight in Guatemala and worked hard for everything she’s got. She’s been quiet today which is unnatural so we wait the time (as per all day yesterday prior to her op) when she starts moaning about how hungry she is again. Then we’ll know that she’s really alive and kicking again.

Now to tomorrow.

Tchau from Zen Nick

PS Going forward I’ll probably only write sporadically about Harry as it’s most likely not what she wants, it’s not something I’m good at and not the core of what the blog is meant to be to me. My wife’s blog is much more eloquent and detailed on the topic so if you should wish for more information please seek it out (if you haven’t already) though it’s not for the faint hearted

4 thoughts on “Post Op – Notes from the Far Side

  1. You’re as eloquent as you’ve always been Nick. My heart goes out to you, Melissa and you’re whole family, so sorry for this ordeal. I have been through it as well numerous times in my family . I won’t pretend to understand what your experiences are, but please know that you have kindred spirits behind you all.

    Warmest regards,


    1. Thank you Kathleen, very kind of you. Lovely to hear from you even though the circumstances aren’t optimal.

      Sorry to hear that you’ve suffered through this, and multiple times too. But you always kept your cards close to your chest.

      Hope all’s well in your part of the world.


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