England and Me on Deck

England’s first game of the tournament and I’ll be in the air (flying…not superman-esque obviously) so it’s fingers crossed for the team and that there’s not too much rioting back home depending how things go!

Putting out positive thoughts that the players will give a good account of themselves and there’s minimal carping in the press. Possibly a forlorn hope on both counts there.

My focus as a spectator will be elsewhere as we’ve got tickets for eight games but none of them involve England, unless they get through the group stage! In the spirit of the ‘global village’ (no clue either, another of those excellent phrases that people come up with that mean nothing when you think about them) I’ll support whoever feels right on the day and soak up the vuvuzelas – actually thank god they’ll be none of them. Brazil has the Caxirola…though it’s banned from stadiums. There was concern that they could be used as knuckledusters (see below as to why). A slight design flaw. Also, they’ve got some balls at $14 a throw (another thing you can do with them apparently – in tests they travelled on to the pitch easily!) for a glorified baby’s rattle. And by they I mean FIFA as you know they’re the cash kings here.


With all this in mind, the plan is to enjoy whatever the trip throws up, sample what Brazil has to offer and the football will provide a happy backdrop, rights protests permitting too.

Although, the kid in me will always have a little hope – “…that tackle by Moore, and when Lineker scored” (you knew it had to be here somewhere so might as well get it out the way early).


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