Oyo Como Va

A few days here and such has been the feel of work and home life lately that it’s not been till today (Wednesday) that I have felt on holiday. Too much going on and a lost perspective, so much so that I couldn’t shake a feeling of being out of step and nothing seemed quite right.

This makes no sense when you look at the big picture, being away, not having to work for a week, in an astonishing part of the world, food and wine that leaves you goggle eyed, style and passion showing on every street and in every window plus great company to share it with. So today was about losing perspective on food, clothes, time, money and todo lists.

This manifested itself in many ways: indulging in Italian coffee (consistently the best I have drunk); sampling a range of pasticceria (pastry shops) and their associated comestibles; shopping for wine and balsamic vinegar; a simple but great lunch of fusilli with melanzane (and wine); some Italian fashion (bought some jeans) and window shopping; wandering the old cobbled streets not worrying where they took us; doing a gelato test (passed with flying colours) and then taking a pause before evening events start a whole new set of indulgences.

Not a great story if you don’t experience it yourself so this is more about capturing a note for me and trying to remember to live in the moment.

Some lack of perspective via a few pictures I’ve taken while here…

The Alfa Romeo (the rental car, I wish), looking good in Bellagio

A denim (!) bikini, looks good anywhere

Glance through an archway and you catch glimpses of another time. Not out of place here or as a set of a Harry Potter film.

Il Lago Di Como Itself…

TIOT’s twin

Location:Como, Italia

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