So 12 weeks in to my change of diet I am 24 pounds lighter than my starting point. My losses lately are slow and thats ok, as long as I am losing its worth it.

However, this Saturday we left on a trip so the note above is a reminder of where I got to in case I get too far off the rails!

We are now in France and eating per diet is a) difficult with all the incredible produce, baked goods and coffee and b) a missed opportunity to savour a rich part of the countries culture. The plan is therefore to balance the two needs, not go crazy but enjoy what is on offer within reason.

After a mad morning of packing at home we hit the train, plane and automobile literally. A train to Gatwick (35 minutes), flight to Bordeaux (1 hour 15 minutes) and drove to near Arcachon (45 minutes) for an over night stay before we will move further south.

Our over night was at a Quality Suites (I can almost hear the intake of breath but check it out below). It was brand new with a restaurant attached. And wild and interesting it was too, all white plastic and purple neon.

We were too tired to stray far and so hit the hotel restaurant which was past the wine tasting cave (I kid you not) behind a silver curtain. I stress I was not on anything though I did feel I should be. We were welcomed, seated outside (in the car park patio) for a pre dinner glass of wine and gazed out at the industrial estate we had found the place in.

Once to food, the scenery mismatch continued with my enjoying foie gras (sorry Angela) for the first time and brochette de coqulet while M had white asparagus with a green asparagus coulis and then cotelette d’agneau all of which was lovely. Though pleasantly replete we couldn’t resist our waiters suggestion to try the strawberries with strawberry and mint jelly and strawberry mousse/foam and needless to say it was incroyable.

All I can say is if you want quality stay at the Quality Suites in teste-la-buch…yeah I know, even the name of the town sounds like I am making this shtuff up. But look it up if you don’t believe me.

Till the next time, I’m out.

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One thought on “Checkpoint

  1. Oh Nick… I guess this means you're not a member of the animal rights group that is trying to ban foie gras from Brighton & Hove? Oh well, maybe some day. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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