The Chocolate Festival at Fairchild Gardens

We went to the Fairchild Gardens Chocolate festival over the weekend and fun stuff it was too. The festival as usual had a lot going on around the chocolate theme – Gourment chocolate, raw chocolate, cacao products, cacao plants, chocolate dipped fruit, etc. – but also had lots of other artisanal food stuff, bread, crepes, coffee, herbs, spices, teas and on and on. Really great to sate your sweet tooth or if you wanted to try something new or a bit different.

We got there early and walked in under overcast skies and enjoying a cooling breeze. Both of these factors seemed to have kept the morning crowd numbers down which allowed us to roam easily round the various stalls, displays and the gardens themselves. As the morning wore on the crowds filled out, the cloud cover dissipated and the breeze dropped so it got hot and a little bustling in terms of the locals. It was at this point that we withdrew but not without purchasing a few odds and ends to taste and having admired a wide array of handiwork, some edible and some not.

A chocolate creation

…and some of the artwork the chocolate creation is based on.

Some spices for those who like things spicy

More art from the Japanese artist (pumpkins above) who is on display at Fairchild and who sees polka dots everywhere she looks, literally affecting her vision so it it imposes itself on her art too.

Mr Potato head’s lips that seem to have gone AWOL

If you are ever down this way Fairchild is worth checking out to see if they have an event on or they have some interesting art on display. 

Till another moment of inspiration strikes me, fair thee well.   

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