The Busman’s Prayer

Ran across this today and loved the wordplay … an homage to London bus drivers I surmise.

Our Farnham, who art in Hendon
Harrow be Thy name.
Thy Kingston come; thy Wimbledon,
In Erith as it is in Hendon.
Give us this day our daily Brent
And forgive us our Westminster
As we forgive those who Westminster against us.
And lead us not into Thames Ditton
But deliver us from Yeovil.
For Thine is the Kingston, the Purley and the Crawley,
For Esher and Esher.
Crouch End.

Reference Wikipedia: The Bus Driver’s Prayer, also known as the Busman’s Lord’s Prayer, was a parody of the Lord’s Prayer that takes the bus driver around Greater London (while avoiding further destinations). The words are apocryphal and have been around since 1970 at least. The wordplay, making extensive use of puns on English place names, is typical of English humour.

2 thoughts on “The Busman’s Prayer

  1. Ian Dury wrote The Bus Drivers Prayer. If you type it into you tube you'll hear the song, it's only about a minute.

    Hardly blasphemous. It's a clever and witty idea. Especially 'those who Westminster against us' being very appropriate having experienced the draconian Westminster council.

    There's no need to take your religion so seriously or literally.


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