It’s been a cinematic weekend

It’s been chilly in Florida. Hard to believe but it’s actually been freezing here in the south with snow in mid Florida…very weird. So needless to say we haven’t been spending a lot of time outdoors, though Meliss did have to keep nipping out to cover her plants with a variety of things to stop them getting frostbite.

With the indoor approach to the weekend we went to the movies both days to stay warm and catch up on films that came out while we were away.

Yesterday we saw Avatar 3D. Really visually spectacular and a must see at the movies if you can. It’s not a movie that will come across anywhere near as well on DVD/Blu-Ray…unless you have you’re own home cinema with stadium seating of course. The 3D is interesting but not hugely obtrusive, though that may have been because we were sat in a corner of the cinema. The main feature over and above the 3D is the imagination of the folks who have created the fictional planet of Pandora. Because of that it’s one of those movies you can watch over, not for the dialogue or story but for the details in the background. The story is nothing exceptional but plays well enough with the world and characters that it places on the screen. So if you’re put off by the hype or sci-fi you should still go check it out and see for yourself.

The weekend’s second movie was Holmes with Robert Downey jnr. A new interpretation of Conan Doyle’s classic characters with another great set of visuals. This time the screen was filled by Victorian London with all it’s dark, grimy corners and varied villainy. The movie has more action than the typical Holmes cerebral affair but balances the layers of humour, puzzle and action well enough to keep you focussed. Robert Downey slips into his role with the ease that he put on his costume and enjoys a tongue in cheek love fest with Jude Law as Watson. All in all a tale well told.

Avatar 4* – loses one for somewhat formulaic characterisation & dialogue
Holmes 4* – loses one for slightly slow pacing

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