Breaking News…Gobsmacked in Paris

Happy New Year folks. Just a quickie as I am preparing to fly tomorrow so have to pack, sleep and stuff.

However, I had to make a brief announcement. Today we received our bags (fanfare)…hooray! How cool is that, having landed on December 19th. However, and sorry for the sour note… Really, REALLY Air France! Ten hours before I fly home you deliver the bags that this morning you did not know where they were. So much so that you were happy with my request that if you should find the bags that you’d keep them and put them straight on plane tomorrow. But Nooooooo! You couldn’t even get that right so now I have to schlep the bags to the airport tomorrow… unopened since they left my house 15 days ago!

OK, enough. I am thankful the bags are here though it is as yet unclear if they are whole and unscathed as they are in the hotel baggage room (I was too tired to mess with them). Lets hope we and they make it home safely tomorrow.

More on our fun New Year when time allows. Till the next time, it’s Au Revoir from me and Bonne Voyage from Paris.

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